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Here at Amazing Love Schools we think excellence and strive towards perfection in academic endeavors. Quality and not quantity was how it started, how it went and how it stays. Today Amazing Love Schools has her beginning schools comprising of Creche, Nursey and Primary in Denu, a short walk to the lush shores of the Atlantic Ocean. Amazing Love Schools boasts of a long list of prestigious students who are stout pillars now in society. Doctors, Pilots, Accountants, Advocates and the list continues. As a school, Amazing Love is attended by students from around the world and has been home to children of Ministers of States, politicians and citizens from all walks of life but it has not always been so. Though mother to all classes of society now, Amazing Love Schools began from very humble roots. Amazing Love Schools was founded on the 13th of June 1986 with an initial intake of thirteen pupils that steadily rose to eighty-four in a few months after inception with a maiden teaching staff of two. Mr. Albert and Mrs. Fortune-Lily Agbodo - Founders.
To ensure rapid development and delivery of quality education and training in a high congenial environment for the purpose of high caliber graduates for higher education.
To establish an institution of excellence with an equal academic standard, high moral uprightness, strict discipline, public spiritedness and impeccable cleanliness.
Amazing Love Schools is a Private Day and Boarding institution with the aim to provide her pupils and students sound basic and elaborate education which necessarily include moral and religious training without which mere learning is of little value.
All parents/ guardians are automatic members of the PTA of this school. They are expected to attend meetings of the PTA regularly and contribute towards the smooth running of the association. General meetings are held twice in a year. All parents/ guardians are to have a copy of the Parent Teacher association constitution.
Admissions into the senior levels are strictly by merit and entrance examination for outside students or incoming students from other schools.
Although the school is not affiliated to any religious body, much emphasis is placed on moral uprightness to prepare towards responsible adulthood that will enable them to offer dedicated and selfless service. Essentially, Amazing Love Schools was built on Christian principles.
1 Amazing Love Pre-school (Nursery & Kindergarten) 2 Amazing Love Primary School 3 Amazing Love Junior High School (JHS) 4 Amazing Love Senior High School (SHS) All four Schools are under the same management.
It is the policy of the school that our curriculum should be broad based hence the following subjects are approved for all four schools by management. Mathematics, English Language, Article writing, Social studies, French, Oral English, Ewe, Music, Life Skills, Elementary Science, Drama and Physical Education. Technical, Vocational and other relative disciplines are offered at the Junior and Senior High Schools as needed.
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